NDHU World Café


26, March (Wed.)

This week we will not have regular meeting, but.. but… but we have a very special activity, which is NDHU World Café!

Come to this activity you will be inspired and also meet many amazing people, including our instructor Crystal!!!

Do not hesitate! Come to join us!

26, March (Wed.)

start at 18:00 (please, do not eat ahead)

At No.49 Eatery, https://www.facebook.com/No.49Eatery


More information:




Now NDHUTM is officially in winter vacation!

Remember that we have an assignment!

That is attending another Toastmaster club once during vacation˜

Have fun and enjoy the time with friends and family!

Happy New Year.

See you soon on 26, Feb.

Your president,

Sean Yang :)