It’s the end of semester, but it’s another beginning!

Dear friends,

It’s the end of the semester, just one more week than we can say good bye to these stuff…. however, we also have to say good-bye for 3 months.

Bye school


This year we have so many wonderful friends, from everywhere of Taiwan, and Czech Republic.

We also successfully charter with Toastmasters Headquarter.



Time flies.

The officer team has run this club for one year, and hold so many activities.

Some of them are really exciting and successful, but some of them are a little bit failed.

Fortunately, we have you guys keep supporting us and get mature with us. Thank you so much!

It’s time for us to support our new officers.

By supporting them, I believe we will have another fantastic year!


Let’s see you all in the beginning of the next semester!

BTW, if you do not have any plan, go to visit some Toastmaster Clubs some where.

You definitely will learn more and keep meeting some amazing people!



Sean Yang

your outgoing President


[Members Union + Talent Show] 社員大會+才藝表演

[Members Union + Talent Show]   社員大會+才藝表演

It’s almost the end of the semester.
Are you guys worry about the final?
or so excited at the coming of summer vacation?
NDHU TM is going to have summer vacation soon!
我們NDHU TM也將要放暑假了!
This Wednesday is the last chance we can reunion.
Our friends from Czech will go back.
Our dear forth-year members are graduating.
It’s time to bless them and say goodbye to them!
Please cherish this opportunity.
Come with your best love.
Remember to prepare your talent show with your group members!
We will provide foods for members for free, but bring your own chopsticks, bowl and cup!
18:40 共B103 (HSB.2)

Charter Ceremony

Charter Ceremony

NDHU TM, I am so proud of you.
Under many people’s efforts, we are here, NDHU Toastmasters Club / 03913442.
You used to be an idea. Than, Leo and his officer team gave girth to you, and you become an underground TM club at NDHU.
You breakthrough all the difficulties and gradually get stronger.
Finally, under the supports from all fellow members, friends from HTC, Crystal, and officers of district 67, NDHU TM has own identity, and become an official club.
Now, we are looking forward to your bright future!

Charter ceremony

Dear all friends,

It has been a long way to achieve here and now.
We are a official club now!
NDHU Toastmasters Club / 03913442

This Wednesday, 7, May, we will hold a charter ceremony, and many important people will visit our club.

We will start at 6:00 p.m., at 管A107.
We welcome all of you come to celebrate with us.

See u on Wednesday.

NDHU World Café


26, March (Wed.)

This week we will not have regular meeting, but.. but… but we have a very special activity, which is NDHU World Café!

Come to this activity you will be inspired and also meet many amazing people, including our instructor Crystal!!!

Do not hesitate! Come to join us!

26, March (Wed.)

start at 18:00 (please, do not eat ahead)

At No.49 Eatery,


More information:


Welcome meeting!

Welcome meeting!

Welcome fresh members!
Welcome returning guests!
Welcome back!

Our new year will start on 26, Feb.
Come to join our welcome meeting.
We will provide some dessert.
Please own tableware!
Let’s explore the world in English!

See u soon 🙂


Now NDHUTM is officially in winter vacation!

Remember that we have an assignment!

That is attending another Toastmaster club once during vacation˜

Have fun and enjoy the time with friends and family!

Happy New Year.

See you soon on 26, Feb.

Your president,

Sean Yang 🙂