The purpose of NDHUTM is to establish a warm, happy, and highly effective English learning environment. This club will help students enhance their speaking and leadership skills as they participate in Toastmasters activities. In addition, through encouragement and team-based learning NDHUTM can promote both tradition and innovation and establish a continuous learning platform for students at NDHU. Let’s make NDHU better and better!
NDHUTM 要建立的是一個快樂與溫馨又有高度學習成效的英語環境,讓東華的學生能藉由 NDHUTM 提升英語公開演說的能力並由於積極投入本社更能訓練出領導與行事的能力,還能透過Toastmasters間的互相鼓勵與學習,讓NDHUTM得以不斷地傳承、創新、為東華的學生建立一個永續的學習平台,進而提升東華大學的知名度。

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